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ESW was established in 1999 and has become the largest producer of woven fabric (Paper, Polypropylene, PE and PVC) in China?s Thaizhou Region. Considering that eighty percent of all of above woven fabrics are manufactured in Thaizou, and ESW is responsible for thirty percent of the region?s output, ESW has a considerable, nationwide stake in the woven fabrics industry. A number of factors contribute ESW?s success. ? The manufacturing plant is situated relatively close to Shanghai and can, ?for reasonable costs, ?take advantage of that city?s vibrant international trading opportunities. ?With over 300 state-of-the-art weaving machines we are able to sustain our output and store reserve products while keeping up with growing demands. Most important though is what we offer our customers? Thanks to high quality and attractive modern products, low prices, ?and world-class service, the brand is popular and is experiencing significant growth in sales and ?expanding local and export markets (over forty countries). Tests ensure our products are free of ?toxic elements and meet international standards. All come with a ?3 to 5-year guarantee and we responsibly consider all the claims we receive.? We are also always increasing our product with innovative and creative new designs and items. Constantly ?looking for new ideas, our representatives annually attend the Canton Fair and other international showcases.? Our current market share is 20% to grow annually; a testimony to the service we provide the woven fabric industry.
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Paper yarn fabric,PP woven fabric,Polyethylene fabric,Textilene,Placemat
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E Stronger Woven(Taizhou)Factory
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